Holiday Greetings from the Boulets

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season and have an opportunity to spend time with a
friend, family, or someone in need of a lending hand. Time is what we all need. Any gift of
time is special.

Those gifts of time become happenings and adventures in our lives. We all seek adventures
to add experiences to our toolbox of life, which become our stories to be shared. We
encouraged Logan to fill his toolbox. He loved to tell of his adventures and especially listen
to those of others. These included the 15 Bronco family members, who passed along with
Logan, gone much too soon but leaving us with their individual toolboxes. We also celebrate
the 13 who survived as we listen to and share their everchanging stories.
As loved ones pass and we reminisce snippets of their lives, we pause and reflect how they
are ever present in our thoughts. The stories left are a wonderful gift of the time spent with

This Holiday Season of 2022 and Green Shirt Day on April 7 th , 2023 mark the fifth year
without Logan. It is difficult to believe that our family is creating new adventures and stories,
but we are incredibly thankful for opportunities to share Logan with others and for the time
we had with him. Please take the time over this Holiday Season to have the “kitchen table
talk” with your family about registering to be an organ donor. April 7 th is a day of
unimaginable grief for our family; yet it is also a day to celebrate the gift of life, which an
organ donation gives. Our family has again been fortunate to meet and speak with many
organ and tissue transplant recipients in 2022. We are continually humbled by their gratitude
as they share their stories of receiving the gift of time.

We wish you and your family an adventure filled 2023, sprinkled with love and kindness and
time with people you are blessed to call family and friends.

Take the time to tell someone they matter each and everyday.

Mariko, Bernadine, Toby, and, of course, Logan

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