Indigenous Star Blanket Design by Dr Heavy Shield

The 2024 Green Shirt Day Design proudly showcases the exclusive design crafted by the esteemed indigenous artist, Dr. Heavy Shield, also known as Nato’yi’kina’soyi (Holy Light that Shines Bright). Hailing from the Blood Tribe (Kainai) in southern Alberta, Dr. Heavy Shield is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist and educator.

star-blanket-drawingWith connections to the Boulet family, Dr. Heavy Shield drew inspiration from Logan’s story, infusing the new design with profound elements. At the heart of the artwork is a star, laden with rich symbolism. The star’s vibrant yellow and green tones are not only representative of the Humboldt Broncos’ team colours but also symbolize the spirit of organ donation. The eight points of this symbolic shape encapsulate core values, representing kindness, humility, honesty, respect, healing, forgiveness, wisdom, and love. Additionally, the star design serves as a tribute to the Morning Star, signifying new beginnings and hope.

dr-hali-heavy-shield-designerEmbedded within the banner is the Blackfoot translation for Green Shirt Day (Otsskoi Sookasim Miiksistikoo), seamlessly integrating cultural significance into the fabric of the design. Dr. Heavy Shield, in explaining her creative choice, shares, “I’ve chosen the star, inspired by the star blanket gifted to the Boulet family by the Waywayseecappo First Nation in Manitoba. For Blackfoot people, star blankets symbolize comfort, healing, and generosity, reflecting the profound impact of Logan’s story on the global community.”

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As seen below, Toby and Bernadine Boulet are holding one of sixteen blankets received by families of the Humboldt Broncos Bus tragedy. Sixteen blankets were delivered to Humboldt, Sask, a gift from the Waywayseecappo First Nation community to give to victims’ families of the deadly bus crash in April 2018.



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