The Kidney Foundation of Canada supports Green Shirt Day

Canadian Transplant Association (CTA) is pleased to announce that The Kidney Foundation of Canada is joining CTA, Canadian Blood Services and Global in the Green Shirt Day initiative in supporting the campaign and bringing further awareness to this important cause. “The Kidney Foundation brings nationwide reach to a vast community of organ donor recipients as well as those waiting for transplant or pending potential transplant in their future. This relationship between our organizations is sure to boost the reach for the Green Shirt Day campaign and continue to allow our organizations to draw experience from each other and assist our communities to increase organ donor awareness”, says Brenda Brown, President Canadian Transplant Association. “It’s more important than ever for the organ donor organizations to work together, to change the culture and bring monumental change in this country around organ donation. It starts by bringing our families together in conversations as well as these relevant and important community organizations collaborating together”.

“Green Shirt Day honours the Logan Boulet Effect, and is a fantastic opportunity for The Kidney Foundation and the kidney community to inspire Canadians to become organ donors,” says Elizabeth Myles, National Executive Director of The Kidney Foundation of Canada. “There are 4300 Canadians on the list for a transplant, and the majority, 78% of them, need a kidney. Every year more than 200 people die because the wait is too long. Our goal is that every Canadian who needs a life-saving transplant will get one.”

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