Tim Hortons’ Holiday Smile Cookie and Lethbridge Unite to Spark Joy and Meaningful Conversations in Support of Organ Donation

In a heartwarming display of community spirit and generosity, Tim Hortons and the residents of Lethbridge came together to support Green Shirt Day, sparking meaningful conversations about organ donation. The Boulet family, surrounded by the owners of Tim Hortons franchises in the city, presented a substantial donation of $21,589.44 to Green Shirt Day. This contribution, a result of the Tim Hortons Holiday Smile cookie campaign, exemplifies the power of collaboration for a noble cause.

Green Shirt Day, chosen as the community cause for the inaugural national Holiday Smile Cookie Week in November, received tremendous support from the community. The funds raised, split between the Canadian Transplant Association, Logan Boulet Endowment fund, and the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps, are a testament to the success of this partnership.

The campaign saw Tim Hortons selling smile cookies for $1.50, with a team of 120 volunteers, led by Toby and Bernadine Boulet, actively participating in the initiative. Such was the demand for these delectable treats that the city franchises temporarily ran out of holiday cookie dough, resorting to selling chocolate chip cookies for part of the week.

A highlight of the campaign was the involvement of Bernadine Boulet’s Grade 2 class, who, under her guidance, decorated the cookies. Describing it as “probably one of the best field trips,” Bernadine expressed her gratitude for the kindness and patience of Tim Hortons staff. The experience provided these young volunteers with an opportunity to efficiently run a drive-through, leaving lasting memories for both the volunteers and the customers.

The Boulets emphasized the importance of the exposure Green Shirt Day received through Tim Hortons’ support. By initiating conversations about organ donation, the campaign achieved its goal of raising awareness. Bernadine Boulet expressed, “That’s what we really want to happen – to have conversations happen so that people will go home and talk about organ donation.”

The success of the Smile Cookie campaign exceeded expectations, with franchise owners like Dave Lawlor of the Centre City location describing it as “talked about more than our normal Smile cookie program.” The grassroots effort not only benefited Green Shirt Day but showcased Tim Hortons’ commitment to giving back to the communities they serve.

Looking ahead, Toby Boulet shared that approximately 65 volunteers have expressed their eagerness to help if Green Shirt Day is chosen again as a partner. The decorators incorporated Logan Boulet’s jersey number, 27, into the cookie designs, turning them into a symbol of remembrance and hope.

The collaboration between Tim Hortons and Lethbridge for Green Shirt Day demonstrates the positive impact businesses can have when they actively engage with their communities. Beyond the monetary contribution, the campaign succeeded in fostering conversations about organ donation, making it a meaningful and impactful initiative. As the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps look forward to their 50th year, the Smile cookie initiative stands as a shining example of how corporate partnerships can make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

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