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Story of Logo Design #1

Brandy Hehn, a two-time organ transplant recipient, designed the 2023 Green Shirt Day 5-year design in honour of Logan Boulet and his organ donation legacy. The design features 29 gold stars, 16 for those who lost their lives and 13 for those whose lives were forever changed during the Humboldt Broncos Bus crash in 2018. The design also includes the hashtag #LoganBouletEffect, which inspired 150,000 Canadians to register as organ donors. Brandy hopes the shirt design will spread awareness about Green Shirt Day and the Logan Boulet Effect to honour the Boulet’s and their contributions to organ donation awareness.

Logos for Download


               English – Design #1                                     French – Design #1

                  English – Design #2                                 French – Design #2

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Suggested Social Media Messaging

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Let us remember the importance of sharing our wishes with our loved ones. The story of Logan Boulet, who made the selfless decision to become an organ donor and shared his wishes with his family, is a reminder of how one person’s actions can make a significant impact on others. His decision not only saved six lives but also inspired a nation and created a movement known as the #LoganBouletEffect.



Remember the #LoganBouletEffect on #GreenShirtDay. Logan’s decision to donate organs saved six lives and inspired a nation. Share your wishes with loved ones to make an impact.

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