Green Shirt Day 2024 commemorates sixth anniversary, uniting people across Canada to champion organ donation in tribute to the Humboldt Broncos’ Logan Boulet

February 21, 2024 (LETHBRIDGE, AB)  Green Shirt Day — April 7 — honours, remembers and recognizes all the victims and families of the fatal 2018 Humboldt Broncos bus crash. The day pays tribute to Logan Boulet’s enduring legacy. By showing people that a simple act and a conversation with family can lead to the gift of healthy lives for others, Logan brought us hope from tragedy and continues to bring communities across the country together.

“Six years have passed since the Humboldt Bronco tragedy. Logan’s legacy is stronger than ever as we remember his knowing grin, massive heart, and giving nature,” says Toby Boulet, Logan’s father. “We also remember the other members of the Bronco family who passed as well as those who survived. And, we take time to think of the many deceased donor families with whom we feel a kinship of wanting to hold our loved one again and the acceptance that lives were saved by the simple, yet complex decision of becoming an organ donor.”

There are more than 4,000 Canadians waiting for a lifesaving transplant and each year, approximately 250 people die waiting — you can make all the difference by registering your decision and talking to your family.

Today, as we kick off the campaign leading up to April 7, we are honoured to unveil our latest Green Shirt Day logo, designed by Dr. Hali Heavy Shield. Dr. Heavy Shield, also known as Nato’yi’kina’soyi (Holy Light that Shines Bright), is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist and educator, proudly representing the Blood Tribe (Kainai) of southern Alberta.

dr-hali-heavy-shield-designerWith strong connections to the Boulet family, Dr. Heavy Shield found profound inspiration in Logan’s story, and the new design beautifully incorporates elements reflective of this influence. The centrepiece features a star with significant symbolism. First, the star’s yellow and green hues are representative of the Humboldt Broncos’ team colours as well as organ donation. The eight points of the symbolic shape embody key values of: kindness, humility, honesty, respect, healing, forgiveness, wisdom and love. And finally, the star design pays tribute to the Morning Star, which symbolizes new beginnings and hope. The t-shirt design also incorporates the Blackfoot translation for Green Shirt Day (Otsskoi Sookasim Miiksistikoo) in the banner.

In Dr. Heavy Shield’s words, “I’ve chosen the star, inspired by the star blanket gifted to the Boulet family by the Waywayseecappo First Nation in Manitoba. For Blackfoot people, star blankets represent comfort, healing and generosity, reflecting the impact of Logan’s story on the global community.”

This year, in the lead up to the sixth anniversary of Green Shirt Day, the Boulet family, Canadian Transplant Association, The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Canadian Blood Services and Canada’s organ and tissue donation community are urging Canadians to champion the cause of organ donation. The focus is not only on paying tribute to the enduring legacy of Logan Boulet but also to honouring and recognizing the invaluable contributions of organ and tissue donors across the country.

“It is still heartbreaking to think about the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. As with most Canadians, I remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news,” says Lethbridge Mayor Blaine Hyggen.

“Logan Boulet will always be remembered as a remarkable young man. He saved lives and his inspiring legacy will continue to save lives. I commend his parents, Toby and Bernadine, and sister Mariko, for continuing efforts to promote Green Shirt Day and to encourage people to talk to their families and register as organ donors.”

Since its inception, the Green Shirt Day campaign has had an enormous impact in increasing awareness of the importance of organ and tissue donation. Over the past six years Green Shirt Day has brought Canadians together to share their stories, have conversations with their families and register their intent to donate.

“Green Shirt Day is not just about Logan,” says Bernadine, Logan’s mother. “It is also about those who choose to have the conversation and become a registered organ donor.”

The goal of Green Shirt Day 2024 is to inspire 100,000 Canadians to register their decision about organ and tissue donation. Logan’s legacy reminds us how important it is for Canadians to talk with their family about their organ donation wishes.

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About Green Shirt Day

The Canada-wide Green Shirt Day was created to remember the victims and families of the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash in Saskatchewan in 2018. And, to continue Logan Boulet’s legacy by inspiring Canadians to register as organ donors and to talk to their families about their wishes.

On April 7, learning that he would not recover, Bernadine and Toby Boulet offered to donate their son, Logan Boulet’s organs. They did so because Logan had registered as an organ donor and had spoken to his parents about his wishes. His generous final act inspired almost 150,000 donor registrations across Canada shortly thereafter, which became known as the Logan Boulet Effect.

Green Shirt Day is led by the Boulet family and Canadian Transplant Association, in partnership with Canada’s organ and tissue donation community, including key partners Canadian Blood Services and The Kidney Foundation of Canada. Green Shirt Day organizers are also grateful for the support of IA Financial Group.


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Additional Quotes:

“I have had the privilege of meeting Bernadine and Toby Boulet, learning about their son Logan and collaborating on this powerful initiative over the years,” says Dr. Graham Sher, CEO of Canadian Blood Services. “It is no surprise to me that the commitment shown by this family to creating hope from tragedy has inspired a national movement. It has been my great pleasure for Canadian Blood Services to support Green Shirt Day and to see the continued impact it has on driving organ donation.”

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