2021 Season’s Greetings From the Boulets

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

There was no doubt that 2021 was a most difficult year for many to navigate. Please know that as your hearts supported our family after our loss of Logan on April 7th, 2018 – our hearts go out to those that lost a loved one in 2021.

Logan always saw the great in so many people! Especially during the Holiday season, he truly wanted the best for his family, friends, and community. Maybe it was the snow, the eggnog, or just having the extra opportunity to share a laugh and taking the time to visit that made this time of year a special time for Logan. This season, we hope that you get to have the same opportunities that Logan had to make someone smile, share a story, give a hug, spend time with others, and just enjoy the moments.

As April 6th approaches, it is extremely hard not to remember the Bronco Family members that were on the bus…all 29 have each created their own life story — 16 wonderful people that lost their lives and the 13 survivors that work hard each day to hold their lives together. Please take time to remember your loved ones and their life story.

Green Shirt Day on April 7th is a time to have the conversation with your family about registering to be an organ donor. Though it is a day of unimaginable grief for our family, it is also a day to celebrate the gift of life, which an organ donation gives. April 7th can also be a day that you reflect on the tremendous sacrifice of all the frontline workers, who have cared for us with compassion, humility, patience, and kindness.

We wish you and your family a 2022 of sunny days along with of hope and promise of good things to come.

Take care. Give back. Be safe. Be kind. Be inspired.
Mariko, Bernadine, Toby, and, of course, Logan

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